Our experienced, professional staff is adept at working with anyone--youngster through adult--at any skill level--beginner through advanced.

Base Courses

Hip Hop


Jazz,Contemporary, Lyrical

Cheer leading

 Levels 1,2 and 3 an Introduction to Hip Hop culture With a fun  and energetic routine . Learning the fundamentals of Hip Hop which includes funk and B-Boying

Level 1-9 This style is based on expressing the lyric or feeling of music though dance. Gesture,spirit and mime. This class develop expression, flow, maturity and artistic quality of the art of dance

Levels 1-9 Ballets a very technical and disciplined style of dance. The movements are very precise and develops, balance, strength and poise,Ballet is the core to all dances styles

A fun class for those who want to learn & improve their cheer skills. This class will incorporate jumps, motion, technique and mini cheer routines.

Sign-up for classes  or Auditions for our out of state competition teams will be held every Saturday in January 

Ballet, Jazz, Hip Hop, Break dancing,Contemporary, Modern and others

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