Dance Commitment

 Being a member of a dance studio is a great responsibility than just taking a dance class. For parents and there child( girls and boys) we must ask for a commitment to the team. We count on good attendance. In years past  it has been a struggle, please make sure it’s your first commitment. It is rough on those that are in class learning positions and also on the teachers when trying to work out formations. Attendance will documented for performances and competitions.  For those that miss too many rehearsals or an important rehearsal WILL sit out.

This is up to the parents because we know the dancers do not handle their own scheduling! If you quit the studio before the six month period and you want to return you will have to tryout. We ask parents to give there dancer a chance to experience competition,*We also ask parents to keep in mind that its your child that has to practice and it make it hard on them when they miss classes. There will be  handouts given that will contain dates, times, costume info, picture info, $ and ledger information, fundraisers, days. Class  t-shirts, and other dance apparel is needed for all classes.

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Budget Dance Class

 Registration fee $20

​$35.00 a month

one day a week for one hour

$50.00 A MONTH


       To be apart of this studio takes commitment. Commitment rules below.

Flirty Fitness

a sexy way to get fit

( This class feature a cardio workout and some sexy jazz funky dance routines

Classes $15.00 for 1Hr

Private Lessons

(  Social Events and Indiviual lessons)

​   $35 per hour

6 week sessions. Longer session receive discount.

Competition Dance Classes

Registration fee $20.00

$90.00 a month

Three dance classes a week

additional classes $3.50 per day

2 hr  session

Students are trained to prepare for competitions in and out state. Also student have opportunity to participate in Parades and community events

Recreational Dance Classes

Registration fee $20.00

Dance Class per student $60.00 per month

Additional Classes $3.50 per day

Two days a week

2 hr Session

Student have a opportunity to participate in Parades and other community events